Hand blended artisanal salt fusions from Lift Flavours
At Lift Flavours, we create
kitchen heroes

We craft artisanal culinary salt fusions using the finest of ingredients. We take pride in delivering refreshing, innovative and complex flavour combinations. Lift Flavours has inspiring products for the neophyte cook, the accomplished gourmand, the grill master, the baker and the mixologist.

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Kitchen Heroes?

Lift Flavours provides home cooks with exciting and unique flavour blends that elevate dishes to new heights. We understand the importance of shared meals in deepening connections among friends, family, and communities.

From students who are just learning to cook for themselves to the next Food Network star, we address the barriers that prevent people from being the kitchen hero that is in all of us on a daily basis. Beginner cooks and bakers discover how delicious a minimalist, limited ingredient meal can be. Meanwhile, our products provide complexity of flavour and presentation in a simple, efficient way, allowing experienced kitchen wizards to produce high quality dishes in very little time. They can even lift cocktails and beverages to the next level, inspiring aspiring mixologists!

Lift Flavours’ concoctions never fail to impress. Elevate your tastebuds with Lift Flavours!