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Fresh chicken from Zimmerling Free-Run FarmsYou really can't get any fresher than fresh!  I met with free-run poultry farmer Ryan Zimmerling today to pick up 10 of his finest chickens that were just processed yesterday.

It felt a bit clandestine.  We had never met face-to-face.  He was coming in from Arnprior and I was downtown.  He met me on the street; I had given him my car colour and make and he had done the same.  But instead of a shady deal going down at midnight in a dark back alley, we exchanged fresh chickens for a personal cheque in broad daylight.  It was a little bizarre....

Although we hadn't met in person before, my husband had made the pickup last year because I was unavailable.  We've enjoyed his chickens all year since last fall and a turkey at Thanksgiving.  Ryan's products are fantastic, and no wonder:  "As you know, we raise our chickens without antibiotics or other chemicals or supplements and all are happy to graze on the acres and acres of lush grass thanks to the very wet spring."  You can tell from his Facebook page that his birds have had the best lives possible:  there are pictures of his children interacting with the chickens and turkeys on the farm.  What an idyllic childhood!

All that and service with a smile, to boot!  I'm happy to share his details here.  If you care about where your food comes from and want to support a #local #arnprior #farmer, check out Zimmerling Free-Run Farms!  At Lift Flavours, we're passionate about good food, ethical treatment of animals and organics.  We believe in local farmers, Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) and making the most of the beautiful vegetables and protein sources our region offers.  How lucky are we to live in such a bountiful country!?!

Great meeting you face-to-face today, Ryan!  

Stay tuned; we'll be brining this chicken tomorrow and barbequing it beer-can style on Sunday!  

~ Stevie

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