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Invest Ottawa is the most remarkable resource for Ottawa-based entrepreneurs!   If you've followed us at all on Facebook you might recall a post about having won a spotlight display opportunity in their lobby.  They also recently gave us a shout-out in one of their entrepreneurial newsletters!!  But this is, by far, our greatest honour yet....

Lift Flavours was invited, back in February, to apply for a program that would focus on improving its presence across all web media.  The carrot?  An opportunity to pitch for a grant to apply $$ toward web services.  The most challenging question in the application process?  "Tell us something interesting about yourself"!!  I'll only tell you the answer(s) if you ask me...!!

After 4 weekly, day-long meetings to explore online web/shopping platforms, search engine optimization (SEO), social media channels and website mapping and delivery, we (15 companies) were invited back to make our pitches.  5 of us would be successful.

It's taken us a good few days to process just what happened last Friday, May 12th....  But in a nutshell, Lift Flavours won a fantastic grant to apply toward our web presence!!  I can't say enough about Invest Ottawa:  the opportunities it offers and the information and resources it provides!  We've benefited from information seminars, marketing advisors, legal and accounting specialists, and all-round amazing input.  

Thank you so much, Invest Ottawa; you rock!!  #investottawa @investottawa

~ Stevie

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