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Pan-Seared Beef Tenderloin with Juniper & Rosemary Sea Salt

Who knew??  Juniper is a trending flavour!!

The LCBO's Food & Drink mag (Early Summer 2017) is featuring Juniper in one of their articles, this edition!  Juniper is fascinating.  In the LiCkBO mag, they are using it in a sweet context.  I usually use it for savories.  

The berries of the plant are the flavouring agent in gin.  If you love gin, you'll love using Juniper.  If you don't like gin, however, don't let that turn you off; I'm not a gin fan at all...!  Juniper is woodsy and delicious and complex.  I'm obsessed with it and how I'm going to use it next....

I learned of it, originally, when I was going to cooking school at SAIT in Calgary and used it first when living in Canmore.  It was a perfect pair with game (specifically, wild boar).  But it works so well with just about anything!

Our friends first experimented, using Lift Flavours' Juniper and Rosemary Sea Salt with salmon burgers and we thereafter put it on cedar-planked salmon.  We've made steaks, roasts and burgers with it.  Also roast pork and chicken.  It's awesome with roasted potatoes, turnips or roasted root vegetables. 

Juniper & Rosemary being the most versatile salt in our line, you can use it with just about anything!  In the photo below, we used it in a beef and pork meatloaf, wrapped in bacon:  Mmmmm...!!  Need more ideas?  Just let me know!  Enjoy!!

Lift Flavours' Juniper & Rosemary Salt in Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf

~ Stevie

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