How to Celebrate #Canada150...!

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Happy #Canada150!

Summer:  It's blueberry season!  We're all over our newest product, Blueberry & Thyme Sea Salt!  It's so versatile, with the sweet and savoury combination of dried, wild blueberries and fragrant, organic thyme.  Tonight, we're using it on cedar-planked trout.  Want to be a kitchen/barbeque hero?  It's as easy as (blueberry) pie!

Cedar-Planked Trout Filet with Lift Flavours' Blueberry-Thyme Sea Salt (serves 2-3)

Soak your plank!Soak the plank in water for at least one hour.  Easy method:  put the plank on large, rimmed baking sheet and weigh it down with a bowl.  Fill the bowl and the baking sheet with water, so that the plank is submerged.  It's fine to leave it for more than an hour.  Heck, if you want to start soaking it in the morning before heading to work, it's no problem; it can't get any wetter than soaked!  When you're ready to heat the BBQ, take it out of the water and let it and your sheet drain in your drain board.

Cedar-planked Salmon with Lift Flavours' Blueberry & Thyme Sea SaltHeat your barbeque to high and meanwhile, wash the filet and dry it with kitchen towels.  Place it on the plank, skin side down.  Trout filets are pretty thin, so you might not really need to worry about scoring it.  If it's much thicker in the centre or on one edge than on the other, use a very sharp knife to cut diagonal cross-hatch marks on the fish, but be careful not to cut right down to the skin -- just to the depth of the thinnest part of the filet.  

Drizzle the oil over the filet and rub to ensure that they are fully coated on the flesh side.  Then, sprinkle with the salt.

Once the barbeque is hot, turn the centre burner(s) to low.  Place the planked trout on the grill.  The plank protects the fish, while imparting a smokiness that is the result of the wet plank being burnt by the heat below.  Cook for about 10 minutes, until the flesh has turned a lighter pink and the edges are crisping a little.

Roasted Potatoes with Lift Flavours' Juniper & Rosemary Sea SaltServe with roasted potatoes (with Lift Flavours' Juniper & Rosemary Sea Salt, of course!) or potato salad and steamed or grilled aspagus.  

And don't forget the Chardon, eh?  If you prefer a something lighter or less oaky, go for a Viognier (Viogn, yay!) or maybe a Vidal.

Happy upcoming Canada Day!  #Canada150

~ Enjoy!!

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