Photo Gallery

Photos by jjWenzeliMages

Three small bottles with labels showing, beside three large bottles with salts showing

Lamb chops with Lavendar & Green Tea Salt

Seared prawns with Rose Petals & Pink Peppercorn Sea Salt

Beef tenderloin with Juniper Berry & Rosemary Sea Salt

3 flavours of sea salt blends, large and small bottles with labels & tag

3 flavours of sea salt blends on a yellow placemat with lavendar and small wooden spoons filled with salt

Three small bottles in front of a pink rose and a plate of pomegranate chicken, rice, and green beans

Pink rose beside a plate with a pink tuna steak and lavender and green tea salt, black background

Steak with asparagus and Lift Juniper & Rosemary Salt label, purple ombre/black background

Seared tuna steak, wasabi mashed potatoes, green beans, wasabi, dried lavender flower stem, Lift lavender and green tea salt, from an angle, black background

Half a fresh pomegranate, pomegranate chicken, green beans, fresh pink rose petals, small and large bottle of Lift Pink Peppercorn and Rose petal salt

Large and small bottles of Lift Juniper and Rosemary Salt in front of a plate of pork ribs and roasted potatoes, from the side

Lamb chops, rice, and bok choy with Lift Lavender and Green Tea salt, on a yellow round placemat, beside a slotted wooden spoon, from above