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"Lovely, fragrant salts!  The juniper berries area a wonderful discovery for me!  Rosemary always delights.  Thanks Leigh!"

Lift Flavours - testimonial - lamb dinner

Suzanne G., Gatineau, QC


"If you have never made hummus with the hibiscus salt, you are wasting your life.  Dare I say, it lifts (!) the flavour profile.  Picks up the lemon, mellows the garlic.  Muy delicioso.  The little hibiscus buds rehydrate and the hummus develops purple specs."

Charlene J., Ottawa, ON


"Seasoned our kebab veggies tonight with @liftflavours and it was excellent!  Hadn't thought of lavender for veggies but it elevated our simple meal to something special."  Jordan D., Ottawa, ON