Orange-Bourbon Cranberry Sauce!

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This recipe decadent and delicious.  Originally, it was basically a hybrid of two recipes that I found one year, but then the orange and rosemary magically entered the picture and now I use it year-round, even on sandwiches!  You could also just dollop some over vanilla ice cream... or just eat it with a spoon… would that be so wrong?  Makes approximately 2 cups.

In a saucepan, combine the cranberries, honey, brown sugar, rosemary stalk (if using) and orange juice.  Bring to a boil, then turn down to simmer. 

Turn to low and cook until the berries have burst and the mixture has thickened (about another 10 minutes). 

Remove the rosemary stalk and add the orange zest and bourbon, Rose Petal Sea Salt or Hibiscus Sea Salt.  Transfer to a bowl to cool and thicken further. 

Serve at room temperature.


Who’s kidding who?  Use ½ a cup of bourbon.  It makes everything better.  Use half during the cooking process and then add half at the end, at the cooling stage.  The flavour is amazing!!

Can be made two days ahead and kept covered and refrigerated.  It’s also ideal for freezing.  

Enjoy and please feel free to share!  Saucily yours,

~ Stevie

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